Our students are the most important members of Studio Arc.

Our students are supported by some wonderful members of Studio Arc, including coaches and those working behind the scenes performing tasks such as admin, music and fundraising.


Studio Arc App

Studio Arc AppThe Studio Arc App is used as the primary method of communication between students, coaches and parents.

We use our App to display News Items, photos and an Event Calendar. We use the Chatroom facility extensively so that queries can be addressed as soon as possible.

TeamApp is available for download on mobile devices and can also be accessed from the computer.

Installation and setup is as simple as following our instructions.

Calisthenics MerchandiseCalisthenics Merchandise

Calisthenics products are available for purchase from CVI at major competitions.

The State Calisthenics Championship badges are available at the CVI competitions each year. These are a nice keepsake for the girls to represent each year that they performed in the State Titles.

Other merchandise can be purchased from various businesses via their website or facebook pages.


CVI Online Education & Training

The Online Education & Training site has been developed for all Calisthenic members to increase their skills.


Calisthenics Victoria Inc

Calisthenics Victoria Inc. (CVI) is the peak body servicing Calisthenics in Victoria, a member of the Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF).


Royal South Street Competitions

Ballarat’s South Street competitions run from July to November each year, covering 14 theatrical disciplines and providing 40,000+ on-stage performance opportunities for artists from all over Australia.


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