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  Jane     0431327583


Coaching Team

Dedicated.  Supportive.

We are extremely lucky to have a wonderful team of dedicated coaches. Our coaches are all accredited level 1 coaches with the Australian Calisthenics Federation.

They participate regularly in training sessions and seminars with CVI and hold:

  • First Aid qualifications
  • Working with Children checks

Each are multi-talented and can often be seen working with and supporting other classes.



Jane Lovison

Founder. Director. Level 1 Coach.Tinies,  SubJuniors,  Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors, Jazz, Technique.

Jane has been the founder and director of several calisthenics clubs in the Ballarat area.  In 2007 Jane established Studio Arc, a club designed specifically to offer the positive elements that dance classes can offer.

Jane has a background in both classical ballet and calisthenics, and was an accomplished performer in each. She brings these skills to her classes, but offers far more than simply teaching dance techniques. Students and parents appreciate her approach to involving all students in a team, providing opportunities for socialisation and her positive attitude towards everything.

Jane leads a dedicated coaching team who mentor assistants and helpers.


Nicole Davies

Level 1 Coach. Juniors, Seniors.

Nicole has been involved in Ballarat calisthenics for 22 years, progressing through Subbies, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors to coaching. She has been part of the Coaching Team at Studio Arc since 2011, assisting with Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and soloists.

Nicole has experience with various dance genres. She has enjoyed different styles and techniques through performing as a dancer in Ballarat Lyric Theatre musicals including “Guys and Dolls” and “The Boyfriend”.Nicole is involved in many different types of local sports and personal fitness programs. Her appreciation of positivity and her focus on team work enhance her coaching skills.