A Team for Everybody

We love that we have the reputation of being a club that focuses on teamwork.  With Calisthenics, dancing is a team sport where all individuals are valued team members. Our students are grouped together based on skill level to ensure that they are challenged but not overwhelmed.

We teach the skills and choreograph the dances and the rest just falls into place.  When the students are focused on working together as a team, it is so much easier for them to

  • form strong friendships
  • commit to team goals
  • seek self-improvement
  • develop self-confidence

Studio Arc backstage funThe placings and medals are soon forgotten and it is the backstage-fun with friends that makes competitions truly memorable. Our students provide encouragement to each other, as well as to competing teams. They are instilled with good sportsmanship and ethical standards.

And it’s not just about the dancing.  Throughout the year we gather for social events including movie nights and discos. And not just for the students.  Our parents have their own fun.

Our families (students and parents) all agree that Studio Arc is a fun place to be, and that good teamwork is essential.