Kinder Dance

Kinder Dance sessions are tailored to the specific needs of our tiniest dancers. Our  2 to 5 year old students enjoy learning the basic skills required for all forms of dance.  The class has been designed to introduce the fundamentals of dance in a fun, relaxed, carefree manner.

They are always a delight to watch at the annual concert.


Our Tinies are aged 5 to 7.  Some students have progressed from the Kinder Dance section, but many have started in this age group. These students are still being taught the fundamentals of dance and enjoy dancing to age-appropriate music and dressing in costumes.

The Tinies make several appearances in the annual concert and generally compete in a few competitions throughout the year.

Recreational Classes

Kinder Dance2-5Tuesday10:00 - 10:45> details
Jazz7+Monday5:15 - 6:15> details
Technique, Strength & Conditioning8-16Monday6:15 - 7:15> details
Acro7+Friday4:00 - 5:15> details

Competitive Classes

Tinies5-7Monday4:00 - 5:30> details
Sub-Juniors8-10Wednesday4:00 - 6:00> details
Juniors11-13Tuesday4:30 - 7:00> details
Intermediates14-16Wednesday6:00 - 8:30> details
Seniors17+Tuesday7:00 - 9:30> details