Boys welcome

We are not currently running a separate class for boys. Instead, our male students are incorporated into our regular classes.

The purpose is not to produce male ballerinas. We are striving for:

  • core muscle development
  • coordination
  • posture and deportment
  • team work
  • perseverance and focus
  • confidence
  • creativity

These are skills that can be easily transferred to other sporting activities. And, to life in general.



Do the boys wear tutus and pink tights?

Of course not. Our boys wear comfortable shorts and t-shirts. And bare feet. Their performance costumes are designed appropriately.


Which classes are appropriate?

Boys are welcome to participate in age-appropriate classes: Kinder Dance, Tinies, Sub-Juniors and Acro.

Recreational Classes

Kinder Dance2-5Tuesday10:00 - 10:45> details
Jazz7+Monday5:15 - 6:15> details
Technique, Strength & Conditioning8-16Monday6:15 - 7:15> details
Acro7+Friday4:00 - 5:15> details


Calisthenics Teams

Tinies5-7Monday4:00 - 5:30> details
Sub-Juniors8-10Wednesday4:00 - 6:00> details
Juniors11-13Tuesday4:30 - 7:00> details
Intermediates14-16Wednesday6:00 - 8:30> details
Seniors17+Tuesday7:00 - 9:30> details