Boys Dance Class

Boys learn differently than girls. And boys dance differently to girls.

That’s why we have a separate class especially for our male students. Our primary aged boys enjoy a weekly session that includes elements of technique, hip-hop and acro.

Our classes are not designed to produce male ballerinas. We are aiming for:

  • core muscle development
  • coordination
  • posture and deportment
  • team work
  • perseverance and focus
  • confidence
  • creativity

These are skills that can be easily transferred to other sporting activities. And, to life in general.



Do the boys wear tutus and pink tights?

Of course not. Our boys wear comfortable shorts and t-shirts. And bare feet.


How long are the classes?

These special classes are 45 minutes long. Just the right amount of time for boys to focus on learning skills and remaining attentive.


Can the boys join in other classes?

Boys are also welcome to participate in some of our other classes: Kinder Dance, Tinies, Sub-Juniors and Acro.


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