Calisthenics for Uni Students

Continue your favourite sport whilst studying.

Studying at a university doesn’t mean you have to give up calisthenics.  If you’ve been doing calisthenics for many years, it will have become a significant part of your lifestyle.


Don’t miss out

Don’t go without calisthenics simply because you have moved away to university in Ballarat and can’t attend your regular classes. Just hook up temporarily with a local club.

Come and join us at Studio Arc for a few years.

  • Retain your skills and fitness levels
  • Establish a friendship group outside of uni
  • Maintain your continual ‘years of membership’ with CVI

Our Seniors are a friendly team of active young ladies who would welcome you into their group. We only attend 3 competitions each year as most of our Seniors attend school and part-time jobs.

We are currently taking applications for our 2018 Senior team. Feel free to contact us for further information.



Calisthenics Teams

Tinies5-7Monday4:00 - 5:30> details
Sub-Juniors8-10Wednesday4:00 - 6:00> details
Juniors11-13Tuesday4:30 - 7:00> details
Intermediates14-16Wednesday6:00 - 8:30> details
Seniors17+Tuesday7:00 - 9:30> details