Results – Seniors

2018 – Div 6 : Seniors

Northern District Calisthenics Competitions : September 14 : 2nd Aggregate



2018 – Div 6 : Seniors

CVI State Championships : August 25th.

3rd HM

2017 – Div 7 : Seniors

Royal South Street Competitions : October 16th.

We love competing at our local competition. We had an enjoyable day with close results to other teams.




Barwon Calisthenics Competition : September 9th.  1st Aggregate

Today our Seniors competed in the afternoon and evening sessions that followed the performance of our Subbies in the morning. What a huge day.

Our team danced beautifully and worked really well together. The result was a placing of 1st Aggregate.

Well done girls.





Northern Calisthenics Competition : September 2nd.

This was the first time our club has attended the Northern Calisthenics Competition. Our Seniors had a great time.






CVI State Championships : August 19th. 2nd Aggregate

This was the very first competition for the year for our Seniors.

Starting with the State Titles is always tough, especially with 9 teams.

Our Seniors worked really well together as a single team and performed beautifully.



2016 – Div 7 : Seniors


Royal South Street Competitions : October 9th



Our Seniors loved performing at South Street. A local Sunday competition allows for younger students and team supporters to come along and enjoy the items. Some of our girls have now been performing with Studio Arc for 10 years, and others have been doing calisthenics for even longer. What a lovely team of girls.


Barwon Calisthenics Competitions : September 17th. 1st Aggregate

Our Seniors had a great day today in Geelong.





studioarcseniors2016CVI State Championships : August 21st

First competition for the season.




2015 – Div 6 : Seniors

Royal South Street Competitions : October 18th

This is the first time we have experienced a black out at Her Majesty’s Theatre, although some of us attended a later-than-programmed ballet session when the power went out a few weeks ago.  The power was restored and the competition continued.



CVI State Championships : August 29th



Barwon Calisthenics Competitions : August 23rd



2014 – Div 7 : Seniors

Royal South Street Competition : October 19th : 3rd overall



CVI State Titles : August 10th : 1st Aggregate. STATE CHAMPIONS



Warrnambool Eisteddfod : August 2nd : 1st Aggregate



2013 – Div 7 : Seniors

Royal South Street Competition : October 20th



CVI State Titles : August 10th



Warrnambool Eisteddfod : August 3rd : First Aggregate



2012 – Div 6 : Seniors



 2010 – Div 7 : Seniors

Royal South Street Competition



CVI State Titles



Warrnambool Eisteddfod :  First Aggregate