Please feel free to contact us for answers to any questions you may have.


“Will I have to sew costumes?”

Our students participate in a variety of performances throughout the year, the highlight being our annual concert.  The number of costumes required will depend on the classes in which they are enrolled.

We have a great team of coaches and parents who make most of the costumes. Parents are generally only asked to add sequins and decorations.  And there are always people to help you if needed.

“How often are classes?”

Classes are generally held once a week during school terms. The duration of the class depends on the age of the section.  Older students have longer classes.

Additional classes are sometimes held during the school holidays and students are encouraged to attend these if they are available.

“Do students wear uniforms?”

All students wear dancing outfits. Younger students wear leotards and ballet shoes, while older students are generally required to also wear stirrup tights. We have our own Studio Arc t-shirts and jackets. Practice skirts are required for calisthenics classes. Jazz and hip-hop classes are a little more casual but do require appropriate outfits.

“Is calisthenics competitive?”

Calisthenics is a competitive sport.  All sections compete is several competitions throughout the year. Calisthenics is a team sport so it is important for students to be able to attend each competition and to commit to classes in preparation for the competitions.  We select competitions that provide an environment of friendship and fun.

For those who don’t want to do competitions, we offer several recreational classes.