Our Technique class focuses on teaching and correcting elementary dancing techniques. It includes barre work and the classical elements of ballet.

This is  extremely valuable at all levels of dancing and allows students to enhance their skills for calisthenics and jazz classes.


Strength & Conditioning

This class focuses on developing core strength and flexibility and in developing skills. It includes barre work, classical elements of ballet and advanced calisthenics movements (walkovers, tiger stands etc).

Movements are broken down and taught at a slower pace to ensure the correct technique is being used. This class is student-driven with the needs of the participants driving the class content.

Recreational Classes

Kinder Dance2-5Tuesday10:00 - 10:45> details
Jazz7+Monday5:15 - 6:15> details
Technique, Strength & Conditioning8-16Monday6:15 - 7:15> details
Acro7+Friday4:00 - 5:15> details