Many Styles in Each Dance Class

Calisthenics encompasses several types of dance styles. Team items can include the following styles, depending on the age and skill level of the participants:

These routines combine dancing, singing, gymnastics and balletic movements to provide a spectacular and entertaining performance.

Studio Arc freearm

Free Exercises

A Free Exercises routine focuses on strong movements encompassing high levels of flexibility, control and rhythm. The pupils operate with 'free arms': that is, holding no apparatus.

Studio Arc Juniors folk

Folk & Character Dance

This item requires participants to perform a National Dance. Focus is placed on the theatrical performance, accuracy of steps, and the conveying of a national character.

Studio Arc Juniors March

Figure Marching

The marching team performs a variety of intricate floor patterns, whilst focusing on deportment and uniformity, which must be maintained at all times. The formations are original and varied through the performance.

Studio Arc clubs

Club Swinging

Teams are required to swing their clubs in unison with perfect rhythm and uniformity in a planing or circular action.

Studio Arc subbies song

Song and Dance

This item is presented as a routine that combines singing with modern dance jazz steps. Emphasis is placed on the quality of singing, presentation, style, facial expression and the correctness of dance steps.

Studio Arc subbies rods


Rod work is similar in leg, foot and body work to Free Exercises, with the added complication of an apparatus. The rod is manipulated constantly and quickly through the routine.

Studio Arc SubJuniors

Aesthetic Exercises

This item requires the team to perform graceful movements influenced by ballet. The music is to be interpreted with feeling and softness, and should be reflected throughout their body and facial expressions.

Studio Arc Seniors

Rhythmic Dance

This routine requires focus on elevation, body line, grace, dance quality, poise and interpretation of a theme.