Scoring at our competitions

In our division (grading level), the items are assessed by a single adjudicator who watches the performances from an elevated angle. She uses a document with specific criteria to award points and provides comments for review by the coach and students.  Specified rules are in place which if not followed can cause adjustments to the score.  These rules cover elements such as time limits, team numbers, treatment of props and execution of certain movements.

There is an element of subjectivity in adjudication so different adjudicators are used at various competitions.

The audience use a running sheet with a scoring component.  For each item, the team with the highest score is awarded 1st place, followed by 2nd place etc.

  • 1st place counts as 6 points towards the aggregate total.  2nd place is represented by 4 points, 3rd place by 2 points and Honourable Mention by 1 point. A change in 2018 has assigned a 1/2 point to a Highly Commended place.
  • Special Mention placings may optionally be awarded, but do not count towards points.
  • If multiple teams receive the same placing, they each receive the allocated number of aggregate points.


More details about scoring.