2022 – Div 3 : Inters

Royal South Street Australian Calisthenics Competition: October 10th. First Aggregate.

Calisthenics Victoria State Championships: September 19th.

Waverley Calisthenics Competitions: September 19th. First Aggregate.

Northern District Calisthenics Competitions: August 7th. Reserve Aggregate.

2021 – Div 3 : Inters

Royal South Street Competition: November. First Aggregate.

This was the only competition available for our team due to Covid cancellations.


plus Revue for performance only as other teams did not have items.

2019 – Div 3 : Inters

Royal South Street Eisteddfod : October 12th.

Calisthenics Victoria State Team Championships : September 24th


Northern District Calisthenics Competition : August 25th

2018 – Div 3 : Inters

Royal South Street Eisteddfod : October 11th. Aggregate Winners


Calisthenics Victoria State Team Championships : September 26th.


Northern Competition : August 19th. Div 2/3 competition.

3rd HM

2017 – Div 5 : Inters

Royal South Street Competitions : October 10th. 1st Aggregate.

Our beautiful Inters have competed locally at South Street. It was an interesting day performing with some very clever teams who kept the competition close. Right up until the last item.

Our Inters are a great team of girls who just work well together.




CVI State Championships : August 26th. Reserve Aggregate.

At only two weeks since our last competition, our Inters stepped up and showed great improvement.

This was really close, enjoyable competition and our girls had a great time.



Barwon Calisthenics Competition : August 12th.

This was the very first competition for our club for the year.

The day began for the Inters with a team practice and make-up session, followed by the bus trip to Werribee.

Thank you to those who came along to support us, and to our special supporters who made our costumes and props.



2016 – Div 5 : Inters

Royal South Street Competitions
 : October 3rd

interssouthstreetWhat an awesome team – the girls, the coaches, the support crew.

We watched some awesome performances today. Such a resilient, supportive, hardworking group of girls.  Well done.




CVI Championships : September 23rd

A great effort from a team of lovely girls who pull together and support each other through injuries and illnesses. Some beautiful dancing – well done Inters.




Barwon Calisthenics Competition : August 14th.  Reserve Aggregate.

First competition of the 2016 season.  This was a great result from our Inters who coped very well with unexpected backstage changes.  Great team work.

1st1st 2nd2nd3rd3rdHC

2015 – Div 5 : Inters

IntersSouthStreetRoyal South Street Competitions : October 27th

Reserve Aggregate
What a great day !!

A full day of dancing with results that reflected the performance of the Inters.  Reserve Aggregate after placing in all items.

A wonderful team who have shown improvement throughout the competition season.





CVI Championships : August 20th and September 15th.

This was a split competition with the sections held almost a month apart. Although there were only 3 items in the second split, 2 of those items needed to be re-choreographed two days before the competition due to an injury.  The girls did an incredible job remembering the new positions with such late changes.





Studio Arc Inters 2015

Our wonderful Inters before their first competition for the year

Barwon Calisthenics Competition : August 9th

What an amazing effort from our Inters. First year in division 5. First competition for the year.




2014 – Div 7 : Inters

Royal South Street Competitions : October 27th.  Reserve Aggregate.

1st 1st2nd3rd3rd3rd


CVI State Titles : August 16th.  1st Aggregate. STATE CHAMPIONS



Barwon Calisthenics Competitions : August 10th.  Reserve Aggregate.



Warrnambool Eisteddfod : August 3rd : First Aggregate



2013 – Div 7 : Inters

CVI State Titles : August 11th



Warrnambool Eisteddfod : August 4th : First Aggregate




2012 – Div 8 : Inters



2011 – Div 7 : Inters

CVI State Titles



Warrnambool Eisteddfod : 2nd Aggregate




2010 – Div 7 : Inters

Royal South Street Competitions



CVI State Titles



Warrnambool Eisteddfod : 3rd overall



2009 – Div 9 : Inters

CVI State Titles : 1st Aggregate



Warrnambool Eisteddfod : 2nd Aggregate