The solo season for 2023 is underway, meaning that our solo and duo competitors are all geared up to give their best performances and shine in their own right..  Over the next few months they will perform at a variety of competitions across Victoria.

While our students are integral members of our calisthenics teams, the solo season provides them with a unique opportunity to showcase their individual skills and abilities. We are thrilled to witness their exceptional skills on display and cannot wait to see them take the stage with confidence and grace.

At Studio Arc, we take immense pride in every student who represents us. With their hard work and dedication, they continue to make us proud each time they take to the stage.

We wish good luck to each of our students as they embark on this exciting journey and leave their mark on the solo season of 2023.

Bendigo Solo Comp 2023 (10)
  • Remie: 7 yrs
  • Emily: 8 yrs
  • Minnie: 8 yrs
  • Piper: 9 yrs (div2)
  • Mizuki: 9 yrs (div2)
  • Eliza: 9 yrs (div2)
  • Gemma: 10 yrs (div1)
  • Indi: 11 yrs (div1)
  • Pippa: 11 yrs (div1)
  • Poppi: 12 yrs (div2)
  • Mackenzie: 12 yrs (div1)
  • Emerson: 12 yrs (div2)
  • Ruby: 13 yrs (openR)
  • Lena: 13 yrs (openR)
  • Charlotte: 13 yrs (openR)
  • Esther: 13 yrs (div1)
  • Lenni: 13 yrs (div2)
  • Isabella: 14 yrs (div2)
  • Emmy: 14 yrs (div2)
  • Bella: 15 yrs (div1)
  • Laine: 15 yrs (div2)
  • Saska: 15 yrs (open)
  • Ava: 16 yrs (openR)
  • Lilli: 16 yrs (div1)
  • Aleesha: 17 yrs (div1)
  • Kaitlyn: Seniors (div2)
  • Lilly: Seniors (div4)
  • Madie: Seniors (div4)
  • Indi & Poppie: Junior duo (div1)
  • Saska & Summer: Inters duo (open)

Our soloist have taught by our wonderful coaching team: Jane, Kaitlyn, Ava, Lilly and Sophie.

We love taking backstage photos and we'll continue to share more with you as the competition season progresses.