We offer a variety of dance classes to accommodate the interests of all our students.  We have competitive team calisthenics classes for all age groups, as well as recreational sessions (Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Kinder Dance) plus classes dedicated to building skills (Technique, Strength and Condition).

We acknowledge the importance of family-time on weekends and schedule most of our classes for weekdays.


Recreational Classes

Kinder Dance2-5Monday4:00 - 4:45> details
Kinder Dance2-5Tuesday10:00 - 10:45> details
Jazz7+Monday5:15 - 6:15> details
Technique, Strength & Conditioning8-16Monday6:15 - 7:15> details
Acro7+Friday4:15 - 5:30> details


Calisthenics Teams

Tinies5-7Monday4:00 - 5:30> details
Sub-Juniors8-10Wednesday4:00 - 6:00> details
Juniors11-13Tuesday4:30 - 7:00> details
Intermediates14-16Wednesday6:00 - 8:30> details
Seniors17+Tuesday7:00 - 9:30> details