At Studio Arc Dance School, we work hard to create a wonderful, inclusive environment for our students. We celebrated our 10th year and traveled the journey with many of the students who first started with us. We have a dedicated team of coaches, a supportive group of parents, and a studio full of team-oriented dancers.

We cater for all ages and levels from beginner to advanced. Our aim is to ensure that all our students reach their full dance potential in a supportive environment. We provide an enjoyable atmosphere with friendship, fun and fitness. Each student is important and is a valuable member. Each student is given the opportunity to shine.

Recreational or Competitive

We recognise the benefits of involving our students in team competitions, but also understand that families have other commitments. With that in mind, we participate in only a few calisthenics competitions each year. We incorporate all calisthenics students in our competition teams.

But if competitions aren’t for you, we have other classes that are simply for fun and skill-building.

We offer special classes for students wishing to undertake calisthenics skills exams. We offer optional advanced dance classes, pupil skill exams and private lessons for students wishing to perform solos.

We provide a family-friendly environment where parents assist and support all students.

View concert highlights from previous years.


Annual Performance

Our end of year performance is the highlight of our dancing year.  All students perform several times throughout the concert, showcasing a variety of dance styles.

We perform at the historical Her Majesty’s Theatre to an audience of family and friends.