Do you remember the last time you sat in Her Majesty’s Theatre watching an 8-hour calisthenics competition and thought

“Wow. These seats are so comfortable, I really must have one”

No? Me either.


Her Majestys Theatre seatingRegardless, there is now an opportunity to get your very own Her Majesty’s theatre seat.  Our local theatre is currently being renovated and the seats we know have been removed and will be replaced by wider, more comfortable seats.

For purchase details, refer to Her Majesty’s Theatre Seat Sale

Her Majesty’s Theatre is the oldest operating theatre in Australia. Previously known as the Academy of Music and The South Street Memorial Theatre, it was built in 1875 and underwent major alterations in 1898. The current seats were installed in the late 1930’s and were second hand at the time. In 1990 they were recovered and refurbished to extend their life.

Her Majestys Theatre seats2The redevelopment project will include:

  • new seating in curved alignment to improve access and sight-lines
  • realigning the foot warmers to match the new seating
  • replacing the carpet and vinyl throughout the theatre
  • repairs to timber flooring
  • electrical work, painting and general maintenance


Her Majestys Theatre seatsIn an article published in the Ballarat Courier on 17/12/15, Theatre Manager, Graeme Russell said that ceiling work was completed last month.  He said that now the seats have all been removed, it feels, sounds and looks very strange.

It will be interesting to see the result when the project is completed in January.


Her Majestys Theatre Seats2