The Multi-Disciple Dance Sport

In an article titled “So What is Calisthenics Anyway“, Hayley Simmons has described calisthenics as:

“a multi-discipline dance sport. In the one sport you get to do precision marching, gymnastic-based movements, brain-bending apparatus, ballet, jazz, singing and musical theatre. All in one class.”

Hayley has been involved in a variety of different dance forms as a participant and teacher and says that she can “easily spot a calisthenics girl by her commitment to perfection and technical exactness.”

Hayley has shared her thoughts on the benefits of calisthenics in her most recent article, The Benefits of Calisthenics for Young Dancers.  She identifies:

  • Structure, discipline and focus – from concentrating on complicated apparatus manipulation, floor patterning in routines, and learning multiple choreographed items.
  • Variety – many dance styles all in one session.
  • Caters for different personalities
  • Focus on rhythm –   Calisthenics focuses on precision of timing with the music and each other and requires particular attention to counting to the music. Movements are learned to counts, not lyrics or beats.
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Opportunity to perform in a theatre
  • A governing body
  • Value for time and money

Well worth a read.

We can think of further benefits, and no doubt you can too.


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