Wow.  What a great concert.

At Studio Arc we have just celebrated the end of our ninth year with our annual concert.  This is the performance that is most important to us – a theatre full of family of friends.

We incorporated items from each section to present a variety of dance styles and to ensure that every child had multiple appearances on our favourite stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre.  From the tiniest toes right up to the experienced seniors, the students performed at their best.  We were very proud of them and the way they have progressed throughout the year.

This was the first time our Kinder Dance students performed, so you never quite know what to expect.  They were just gorgeous.  It was nice to be able to display the different dance styles and movements that can be taught to the Jazz and Advanced Dance classes.

Ant Productions were in attendance to video the special performance to give us another opportunity to enjoy the concert.  We can’t wait to watch the dvd.

We have been taking orders for the photos taken at South Street by Harvey Photographers.  Live photos of the South Street competitions were taken by Winkipop Media and can be ordered directly online.

Combine these with the Annual Performance program and the students have a set of keepstakes for their 2015 year in dancing.

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