Did you know that our bus driver Barry has a life outside of calisthenics?

When he isn’t driving buses, Barry is volunteering for the Lions Club and acting as local coordinator for the Recycle for Sight program.

Kaitlyn also has a life outside of calisthenics (surprising, I know). As a service project for Girl Guides she is organising the collection of glasses to assist the Lions Club.


Collecting Used Glasses

Girls Guides Tori Bear with glassesThe Guides have set a challenge of collecting 2018 pairs of glasses and sunglasses between now and the end of the 2018 year to donate to third world counties.

A special collection box has been placed at the Studio so that we can all help out. Tell your family and friends and bring along any glasses that they no longer need.

The Guides have made collection boxes for their schools and local businesses. Kaitlyn’s role is to collate the donated glasses, maintain collection details and keep track of the tally on the Girl Guides website.  She will help Barry sort and package the glasses to be posted to the collection depot.

-> read more about the Girl Guide service project


Lions Recycle for Sight

Australian Lions Clubs have donated over 7 million pairs of spectacles, sunglasses, frames and lenses to third world countries. The Recycle for Sight project began in 1998 and is run by volunteers. They clean, sort and labels 450,000 pairs of used spectacles each year.

The glasses are used to help children to see the blackboard so get an education. And adults are better able to work to support their families.

-> read more about the Lions Recycle for Sight project


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