The Premier’s Active April program is an annual Victorian Government project to promote healthy and active lifestyles and to present opportunities to increase physical activity.

Apart from dancing, there are many different things that we can all be doing to incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity into each day.

All you need to do is register as a participant, then log your hours of physical activity.  Easy.

Plus, there are benefits for participants that include

  • 10 free swim sessions at the Ballarat Aquatic Centre
  • 10 free passes to the Delacombe Community Hub and Doug Dean Stadium
  • a 2-for-1 ticket for entry at various attractions

Register for Active April

If you have already registered, skip to “Join the Studio Arc Team”

  • Visit the Active April website
  • Select the REGISTER button. Or if you participated last year, you can just choose RETURNING FROM 2017? and update automatically.
  • You can register each member of your family and add them all to our team. Encourage friends and family too. Everybody benefits from physical activity.

Join the Studio Arc Team

  • Select the TEAMS menu navigation item
  • Locate the REQUEST TO JOIN A TEAM section
  • Where prompted, enter the “Team ID” as studio-arc then select the JOIN TEAM button.

Feel free to add your family members to the Studio Arc Team

Print your card

  • Select the CARD menu navigation item
  • Hover over the image of your card then click on the GENERATE CARD button
  • Hover over the image of your card then click on the DOWNLOAD CARD button

This will download a pdf version of your card that you can print out and present at the Aquatic Centre for free swimming sessions.

You can also use a Digital Card via the app called PREMIER’S ACTIVE APRIL

Track your Time

  • After April 1, select the TRACKER menu navigation item
  • Record the time spent on physical activities
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