Theatre performance for Studio Arc

Studio Arc Peter and the Wolf 2016Some of our Jazz and Advanced Dance students have just finished participating in a local performance of Peter and the Wolf. They have been preparing for months, both in the studio and at theatre rehearsals at Her Majesty’s.  It was exciting to see all the hard work come together in such a special production.

Artistic Director Luke Tonkin combined the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra and local dance schools to present a combination of ‘Carnivals of the Animals’ and ‘Peter and the Wolf’.  Each musical composition was written for an instrument to represent each animal.  During interval, conductor Mark Shiell, explained the various sections of the orchestra to the audience and demonstrated the instruments.


Peter and the Wolf

Studio Arc Peter and the Wolf 2016-331Studio Arc performed the Peter and the Wolf segment. Jane was required to choreograph the movements and routines in such a way that the stage could be shared with the orchestra. It was a new experience to perform with live music and a narrator, cued by scripted wording and music changes. Our team learnt from the challenges that this presented.

It was a great experience for everybody.




StudioArcPeterWolf2016 331b