Cash Rewards for Parents plus Studio Arc

This is the perfect fundraiser for Studio Arc. Our parents benefit and our club benefits. And nobody pays anything !!!

  • It’s free to join and takes about 15 seconds to set up
  • YOU get cash rewards (not points, but actual money).
  • YOU get special offers.
  • Studio Arc gets cash rewards

After setting up an account, you just log in to your special page before selecting the stores where you do your online shopping.

If you make a purchase within 3 days of setting up your account, YOU get a $10 bonus. If you spend $25, our club gets a financial benefit.

There are over 12oo stores, including Woolworths/Safeway, eBay, Priceline, Amazon, Chemist Warehouse, Millers,  Lorna Jane, Supre, Factorie …. you can even buy gift cards for less than the full value.

Encourage your family and friends to sign up too. Everybody can benefit.

To summarise:

  • Take 15 seconds to set up your own CashRewards account (free !!!)
  • Log in to your account first before you do any online shopping (eg Woolworths, takeaway food)
  • Make a purchase within 3 days to get an extra bonus
  • Watch your cash roll in (and if you spend $25 our unit will benefit too)
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