Four Generations in Calisthenics

kristyandoliviaStudio Arc Sub Junior, Olivia McKenzie, and her family, have been featured in the October edition of CVI’s Clublink publication.

The article explains that Olivia’s family have been involved with calisthenics spanning four generations:

  • Maureen Wright (Braybrook) – Participated for 16 years and coached for 18 years.
  • Maureen’s daughter Dianne Lake (Oliver) and her niece Lindy Braybrook (Pilmore)
  • Lindy’s daughter Kristy Pilmore
  • Maureen’s great, great niece Olivia McKenzie

Olivia has been a member of Studio Arc since she was a Tiny and Kristy has been part of our coaching team.

Maureen says:

“It is a great team sport and encourages excellent team work, confidence and good deportment. Besides good deportment, it taught me if you want to succeed in life you have to be a team player be it in school, at work, playing sport, in a relationship or as a parent. You will not succeed unless you work as a team with those around you. I am very proud and I hope more generations continue with Calisthenics.”


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