Fighting Spirit for Myles

At Studio Arc we are proud that our students are so well-rounded and that they maintain various interests outside of our own sport.

Myles Lovison has been learning karate for many years and has just earned a special award at his club’s “Junior Grading and Presentation” ceremony.

Myles was presented with the “Bryan Mawby Award for Fighting Spirit”, named in honour of a highly valued passed member of the Ballarat Karate Club.

Myles is a long-time Studio Arc member, starting in our Boy’s Only hip-hop classes. He is currently part of the Sub-Junior team.


Bryan Mawby

Bryan Mawby trained at the Ballarat Karate Club from 2006 and was a highly respected member and outstanding contributor to the club. He earned the “Ballarat Karate Club Dragon” in 2012, awarded to those who display fighting ability, courage and heart. To date, only 40 people have earned this award since 1967.

He achieved his 3rd kyu brown belt in 2012 whilst courageously battling brain cancer. Bryan died in April 2013 but left behind memories of dedicated service, courage and spirit.

Myles Karate