Soloists at CVI

Today, some of our Studio Arc girls spent the day at the Besen Centre in Melbourne as they participated in sections of the CVI solo competitions. They were up against girls from all across Victoria, and they performed beautifully.

KaitlynMadieCentreStage_optThe highlights of the day for Kaitlyn and Madie were:

  • purchasing the new CVI solo badge
  • “taking centre stage” at the photo display

They are easily amused.

The CVI solos are organised by Calisthenics Victoria and run for several weeks. For most calisthenics students, this is the last competition of the solo season.

All of our soloists will be participating as it is a great experience to perform at a high-level competition.

We look forward to seeing all our Studio Arc girls “take centre stage” in the coming weeks.