This morning, some of our students joined the team from the Royal South Street Society as they walked in the Begonia Festival Parade.

Studio Arc Begonia Festival ParadeThe entry was promoting the 125th anniversary of South Street performances.

  • RSSS volunteers carried signs that depicted some of the disciples covered at the South Competitions.
  • Studio Arc students represented the calisthenics component of the competitions
  • a local ballet school wore tutus and represented the dance section.

South Street is one of the largest and the longest running performing arts eisteddfods in Australia and the Calisthenics section runs over 4 weeks.  It attracts teams from across Victoria and Australia.

These competitions have an important place and history in Ballarat, and continue to be one of our favourite competitions.


Studio Arc Begonia Festival Parade

Begonia Festival Parade

Studio Arc Cali Bear Begonia Festival 2016The Ballarat Begonia Festival Parade is considered an iconic community event.  It is perhaps the most popular part of the Ballarat Begonia Festival.

Approximately 10,000 people come to watch the annual Parade, even though it is on the same day as the Moomba Festival Parade.  Participants include community groups, school students, kindergartens, dance schools and local businesses.

The Begonia Festival spans 3 days and includes the Labour Day public holiday.

Studio Arc Cali Bear Begonia Festival 2016