Calisthenics creates strong, confident performers who enjoy taking centre stage throughout their lives


Friendship and Teamwork


A fun environment to develop lifelong friendships


Skills and Confidence for life


Develop skills to perform confidently on stage, and transfer those skills to everyday life. 


Personal Growth and Development


Dancing, singing, gymnastics and technical skills.

  • Active

  • Modern

Each unique team based item improves the overall health, fitness, strength and flexibility of performers, as well as offering skills and benefits to take into everyday life.

Overall– teamwork, coordination, self-confidence, concentration, listening, following instructions, communication, presentation.

Aesthetics – graceful movements technically placed and interpreted developing musical appreciation, grace, poise, emotional expression.

Rhythmical Aesthetics – graceful and elevated movements technically placed and interpreted developing rhythm, dance, expressive storytelling, leaps, leg extension for running and other sports.

Character Dance – series of dance steps to tell a story developing rhythm, dance, storytelling, acting.

Song with Action – singing with movement and expression developing confidence, vocals, listening, communication, performance skills.

Song and Dance – singing with dance and expression developing dance, vocals, stamina, breathing.

Dance Arrangement – dance and interpretation developing spatial awareness, dance, elevation, expression, performance skills.

Calisthenics Review – a creative performance to tell a story developing performance skills, acting, creative expression, confidence.

  • Fun

  • Friendly

  • Develop Skills

  • Build Confidence

Calisthenics offers a unique combination of dancing, singing, gymnastics and technical skills. All in one class.