Solo work is the best way to extend individual students.

Studio Arc soloist 2014Solos provide an opportunity for students to extend themselves beyond what they can accomplish in their team work. Separate classes are organised and the students receive one-on-one training with their coach.  This allows for choreography that focuses on individual strengths and builds on techniques that need refining.

The Australian Calisthenics Federation requires that soloists successfully complete age-appropriate Pupil Skill examinations. This will involve special classes with our coaches to teach the students the exam syllabus.

There are two different types of solo items:

  • Calisthenics solo — this section requires the students to present diversity in a routine that includes elements of free exercise, aesthetics, dance and flexibility. Students can start to compete in this section from age eight.
  • Graceful solo — this section requires presentation of a combination of aesthetic and dance movements. Students can participate from age eleven.

The solo competition season runs mainly between March and May each year. Students (with their parents) may choose to compete in which competitions they like.

The Ballaarat Solo Competitions are organised by a local committee external to any local club.  This is a very popular competition with participants from all over the state.