Role: Assistant Coach

Qualification: Level 1

Section: Intermediates, Sub-Juniors, Tinies

Nicole is a member of our Senior team and has been helping for many years.

Calisthenics facts about Nicole

  • has enjoyed calisthenics since starting as a Sub Junior and joined Studio Arc as a Junior
  • helped as a cadet with our Tinies section for several years and in 2019 took on the challenge of Assistant Coach with our Sub Junior team
  • progressed through the pupil skills program to undertake cadet training then complete the ACF Level 1 qualifications
  • competed as a soloist for 4 years
  • volunteer and accredited timer for solo competition
  • participated in the very first Studio Arc Debutante Ball
  • Nicole received a 10 year membership award in calisthenics in 2016.


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Assistant Coach
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